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We know going back to school is looking a little different this year. We know it can be hard to focus at home and need a change of environment. We understand parents need a break and need to do things too. This year starting September 8th… we are offering our studio space during the day for our students to come in and do school work. We have WiFi, new couches, and tables with chairs. It is a safe and quiet environment so that your child may continue to excel in school. We will be available to supervise and to help your child if they need it.

The drop in price is $15 for the day for however many hours you may need.

Monday – Friday from 9AM to 2PM.

Please contact us directly via text if you are interested.


♥ Competition Team ♥

Our competition team is made of a group of talented and dedicated dancers! Dancers who are ready to take it to the next level can inquire about joining our team!

Mini Elite: Ages 5-8

Junior Elite: Ages 9-13

Senior Elite: Ages 14+

We compete in 3-4 local competitions as well as a nationals down the shore! We will be doing community service events, fundraisers, studio sleepovers, and more!


Summer 2020 Schedule




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