The Diablada, also known as the Danza de los Diablos (English: Dance of the Devils), is an Andean folk dance performed in the Altiplano region of South America, characterized by performers wearing masks and costumes representing the devil and other characters from pre-Columbian theology and mythology. combined with Spanish and Christian elements added during the colonial era. Many scholars have concluded that the dance is descended from the Llama llama dance in honor of the Uru god Tiw, and the Aymaran ritual to the demon Anchanchu, both originating in pre-Columbian Bolivia, though there are competing theories on the dance's origins.

While the dance had been performed in the Andean region as early as the 1500s, its name originated in 1789 in Orouro, Bolivia, where performers dressed like the devil in parades called Diabladas. The first organized Diablada group with defined music and choreography appeared in Bolivia in 1904. There is also some evidence of the dance originating among miners in Potosi, Bolivia,while regional dances in Peru and Chile may have also influenced the modern version.

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